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Terms of use

Terms of use


Order and price modalities.

Clients have the possibility of placing all of their orders through the website: www.rodeoblues.com

Every client declares his ability and capacity to make use of credit cards, which should have enough funds to cover the costs resulting from product purchases made through Rodeo Blues.

By pressing the “Confirm Order” button during the purchase process, a person accepts completely and without reserves, all of the information included in the current General Terms of Sale.

The data registered by Rodeo Blues constitutes proof of the transactions made between Rodeo Blues and members of its private community. Rodeo Blues will confirm an order by sending an email.

All contract information is presented in Spanish language and will be considered and confirmed late at the moment of delivery.

The prices of our products include all taxes and transportation costs.

Rodeo Blues reserves the right to modify its prices any moment. However products will be billed according to the prices and fees at the moment when a user placed an order (with reserve to product availability), except in the case of a writer typographic error.

Products remain the property of the supplier until the moment when payment is made to cover the complete cost of an order.

Rodeo Blues reserves the right to refuse an order from any member with whom it may have a legal dispute.



Rodeo Blues will do everything possible to serve its clients and meet the demand for its products.

In case that a product is unavailable after an order is placed, a client will be notified about the cancellation through email.

As a result, the time it takes to issue the refund to the client's bank account depends on the type of credit card or payment method, and the conditions of each financial institution. These time periods are specified in the “shipping” clause.



  • Credit card payment:

The regulation of purchases is made by a bank issued credit card. The cards accepted are: Visa, Maestro, MasterCard[sc2] , PayPal (Maestro, Master Card, Visa and American Express). The cost of a purchase will be charged to the client’s bank account, in a time period of 4 days starting the day of purchase. And will become effective after its confirmation in agreement with the issuing bank.

In case a card is rejected at a POS (Point of Sale Terminal), an order will be automatically cancelled, and the client will be notified about the cancellation online.


  • Cash on delivery

Payment will be made at the moment the product is received, at the address specified by the client.

Additional costs for this modality depend on the price of the product.

Refunds will be made in the following manner as long as the price does not exceed 6 €, in which case a discount voucher will be issued for a future purchase. A transfer will be made to a method specified by the client.


  • Bank Transfer.

This payment method will have no cost for a client.

The cost of a refund will be charged to an account specified by the client.

To make a payment a client must provide:

Order number.

Name of the person who enters payment.

Must be directed to Rodeo Blues to a routing number specified by the company.

Information and proof of deposit must be sent to the email address: info@rodeoblues.com   Proof of Deposit must be written on the subject line.


  • PayPal

This payment method allows a charge to be made according to the agreement between PayPal and the client. Any returns where Rodeo Blues has to credit any amount will be made by the same method. This modality does not have a cost for a client.



For your security Rodeo Blues uses a trusted payment gateway to process all credit card payments.

All credit card information is encrypted and transmitted securely to the servers of the financial institution. And verified by the issuing bank to prevent any possibility of fraud or abuse.

This data entry procedure is secured by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) -128 bit encryption technology. One of the best security and protection systems available. And guarantees that no third party gets access to sensitive information as it travels through the internet.

Only the issuing bank and PayPal have access to payment data that may be linked to any payment method. Rodeo Blues does not know and does not store payment information during the checkout process.


The vendor will send the products to a storage facility, from which they will be shipped to the address specified by the buyer. Every time a product is shipped a client will be notified by email.

Order information that corresponds to the package will be available on Rodeo Blues, once payment is confirmed. This information can be accessed through the link: “My orders”, after an email confirmation is sent. This order includes shipping costs and tax fees.

Rodeo Blues will ask its clients to select a place of delivery. A client must specify the address, office, or place where a product will be shipped. The time period for delivery can range between 24 and 72 hours during working days.

Rodeo Blues will inform a client via email before a product is placed for shipping from the storage facility.

Every order will be considered as delivered and fulfilled when a client receives the products from the package carrier. And is confirmed by the control system used by the carrier. It is the responsibility of the addressee to verify the delivery of the products at the moment when they are received, and to make any justified claims. A client has the right to decline a package, if it arrives open, or if it show clear signs of damage.

All claims and complaints should be directed to Rodeo Blues via email to the address that can be found on its website.



All the products sold can be returned during a 7 day time period starting the day of delivery, and according to the Spanish Law of Retail Commerce.

The client must state his or her intention through email. Rodeo Blues will answer and provide specific instructions for the return of the product.

The costs for returning a product will be covered by the client.

A refund as consequence from a return will be made 7 days after Rodeo Blues receives the merchandize.

A refund will not be issued if the products show signs of use.

The products must be returned correctly protected in its original packaging, and in perfect conditions (not damaged or dirty). Products must have all of their accessories and documents. And must be shipped to an address specified by Rodeo Blues following specific instructions that will be sent by email.

In case a returned product is not accepted by the vendor because it shows signs of use, the products will remain in a storage facility and must be picked up by client in a period no longer than 30 days.

Packages that do not have details that allow the sender to be identified (Order number, name or address) will not be accepted.

All expenses and risks linked to the return of a product will be coved by the sender. The sender must ship the package in a secure manner, with the necessary guarantees so that the merchandize arrives in perfect conditions.

Products purchased through Rodeo Blues can be returned for the price paid at the time of purchase. Once a product(s) is received, Rodeo Blues will verify they are in good conditions. And will proceed to credit the price paid minus the shipping costs (7 € including tax), independently from the price of the product.

All persons who return a product will receive an email notifying the amount of the refund.


All the guarantees and post-sale services shall be governed by the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of November 16. Approved by the text of the General Consumer and User Defense Law. According to this norm the vendor has the obligation to provide the consumer products that conform to the rules of the contract, and to respond for any inconformity. The consumer and user has the right to have the product repaired, substituted, to pay a reduced price, or to the cancellation of the contract.


Dispute settlement and applicable laws

Rodeo Blues shall not be considered as responsible for non-compliance of the contract. In case of a rupture of supply existence, or incase the product is unavailable, total or partial strike from package carriers, shipping companies, mail and postage services, communications failures, floods and fires. In case of a dispute a client will direct his or her complaints to Rodeo Blues to find a friendly resolution.

The tribunals in Madrid are the only ones considered competent. The general terms and conditions of sale will be interpreted in Spanish language, and will be enforced according to Spanish laws. Any disagreement that results from the validity, interpretation, or execution, will be presented to the Tribunals in Madrid, to which an exclusive attribution of competence is made.


Modification of the General terms of sale

Rodeo Blues reserves the right to modify the general terms of sale without previous notice. With the ability to change, add, or subtract the content and the services provided by Rodeo Blues. As well as the way they are presented on its website and servers.

These changes must be accepted by the user every time a purchase is made on the Rodeo Blues website.

Members of the “Rodeo Blues Private Community” who do not accept modifications made to the general terms of sale, must notify it, and must stop using all Rodeo Blues services at the date when the terms become effective. In case that any of the General Terms of Sale were illegal or unenforceable, they will be nullifiedby law and enforced according to the agreement by the affected parties, adhering to the Spanish Civil Code.


Secure Payment

Our main concern is to offer our clients a secure internet shopping experience and checkout process. Rodeo Blues uses Redsys,PayPal and Upay to accept and process credit and debit card payments. Redsys and PayPal are some of the the biggest payment processors in the World. To get more information about the security Redsys uses to secure your online payment follow this link.

We offer a secure payment method through the use of SSL and through the collaboration of Redsys, PayPal, and Upay. You can find more information about Redsys by following this link.

Here it mentions credit cards that are accepted, in the text it says only visa and MasterCard, if other cards are accepted simply add them to the list here. Like so: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, etc.

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